Tuesday, May 20, 2008

17-19 of May

this is my date with God, haha, before i go, i keep praying wishing something could happen to me so that i wont go home with empty hand, of cos Holy spirit never fail anyone, haha, i get touched for several times in this camp, God is really great, now when i came home i keep thinking n wish to get back to the camp, i miss Him! HAHA, in this camp i learnt alot, we must always have faith in Him before we get to see it, He even came down humbled himself as a human and sacrificed for us just to lead us to the right way, even when we were carrying sins and didnt even know who He is, he sacrificed for us, God loves us, and i love Him, He is so so great, he did so much for us, all we have to do is just to simply believe in Him, trust Him and He will offer us everything we need and eternity. i feel so so lucky, thankful, grateful for i had the chance to take part in this camp... tired but happy (*ending of my primary school time essay*) XD!

these are my brothers and sisters that God gives me, i love you all!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Saisaki Japanese Buffet!

on 4th of May, in conjuction with WeiC's brithday, we decided to go Saisaki Japanese buffet after we went through the "storming stage" choosing places like shogun la, agefuku la, bla bla bla...hahaha =.=! Weic so hang fuk, celebrate birthday for so many days jor, haha..thx to US!!

here we go the 1st photo...Weee~

althought we waited outside for almost 25 minutes because of many auntie , ah poh book jor !( at 1st i tot cham la sure no need eat d T_T) but afterall we get to sit in and eat oso..hahaha,and the food inside really worth the time we waiting outside, at least for me XD! cos i love Japanese Food like Sushi, but suggest u not to eat sushi, cos the rice will fill ur stomach easily u will get full, hahaha, tats y eat oso only eat the "liao" n throw the rice away XD! too bad la, not allow to take pic of the food there, may b the boss scare other imitate their style,haha! anyhow, the food was NICE la! do stupid things like steal sushi , steal bowl ...HAHAHA!!

these are pics taken during our meal XD!..

c how cute is cute! ahahaha

WEic's face too big block mine...hahaa


funniest thing ever happened tat day, Ling slipped down XD!!!!!!! hahahahaha!!

and then before we leave, we took "quan jia fu" , look at David, he was stil holding the tupperware containing the sushi tat we stole *steal thing still make innocent smile* and dun 4get the bowl oso he steal 1!HAHAHA

me n nick still hungry,HAHA! XD

oh ya, n these ppl bu se de to leave,hahaha!

then after tat we went Pavillion, my 1st time, so san ba ! haha...no photo ar, lazy upload d..wan c den go my facebook or frienster ba!haha...tat day was great, tired but happy!!miss it!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

MY BLOG! finally,HAhaha!!

Finally i created my own blog,haha,been ask by someone, keep fan-ing me ask me to create 1,now create jor la, happy? (im sure u noe i talking to u XD).In my blog, i will talk bout ... ME! HAHA,so to find out more bout me, stay close to my Blog ba! i will try my best to Fill my blog, haha...God bless you all~